Friday, November 18, 2011

I hate it when that happens

Broke my foot. New challenges.
Stepped off the 5th av bus and wham, sprawled out on the gritty sidewalk in the shadow of the Flatiron building. A white cane is useful, but we nearly blind all know  good eyes are preferred. Personally- an ironic place for such nastiness too, since 23rd  and Fifth Av, where the graceful Flatiron building presides, is my all time favorite place in the city. Here's  Steichen's iconic photograph of that place - from the turn of the 20th century. Twilight, the merging of Broadway and Fifth Av, the subtle shadowed reality of urban business, can seem as magical as his rendering, preserved in a cool toned platnum print. Had a postcard of this tacked to my old studio once.  I wont be able to work on finishing the Occupy Wall Street image for awhile, but soon hope to post a few other portraits made just before my accident.
Above, Edward Steichen - The Flatiron, 1904