Friday, June 29, 2012

With Anton Akimov

When the Seeing With photography Collective traveled to Moscow, to teach and attened the Opening of "Sight Unseen", I met Anton Akimov, who guided me around the crowds at the Flacon Art Center that evening, and donated his time to drive our group here and there around Moscow. Anton's work is becoming well known in Russia now. Before studying photography, he was a lawyer in the Financial business. There were ethical issues which caused Anton to reconsider things. Its hard to imagine two more contrasting fields of interest, and his embracing photography was a considered choice, a choice of values and of what was  personally meaningful. So it was great news when he wrote me to say he'd be in New York for awhile.

Here Anton's priority was to submit a portfolio to the Magnum Photo Agency and he spent much time editing and ordering his images for maximum narrative impact.

He showed me his online work-- “Cavity”. You can view this HERE.  Anton's  uncanny spaces are displayed there in many series

Some show tunnels or gritty, generic corridors. A cold, often flat atmosphere permeates some. Doing self portraits at night in some of those places is my idea of an ordeal - after which I'd collapse on my bed grateful I'd gotten through that night in one piece. Anton said he usually works alone, because few people want to be about at night in such scary places assisting him. 

With my Parents May 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back again

I returned recently from Mexico, and had computer connection problems,but soon I'll resume posting some light paintings made in the last few weeks.