Sunday, January 29, 2012

More with the laser pointer

Back at the camera again!
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Recently I told you about some work I wanted to start which used projected slide images. I took another road though and have been just immersed with using a red laser pointer as the light source instead of the usual flashlight. Seeing With Photography Collective artist Stephen Dominguez used the laser pointer, read more about Stephen HERE .
Now the thing I like about the laser pointer is the linear quality. Its just so suitable and expressive. In many ways it reminds me of when I used to create etchings on zinc plates, and scratched away with a sharp needle to make the drawing on the plates coating. I sense this "drawing " aspect more strongly than with the usual flashlight.
These are arrangements, objects relating to vision and light, lamp, slide carousel and mirror edged with sun rays.
In the self portrait  of the previous post, I kept some of the original red color -just desaturated it- but the objects here weren't suited for the red orange hues and would have looked strange, so am viewing the results only in black and white on the cameras viewfinder and they'll remain b and w.
The extreme lights and darks I like, but here and there I want to bring out more subtle, gray areas too so I'll try a flashlight -laser combo next time.
I miss being in the workshops at 23rd street ,and think I can manage to return next week, maybe even get copies of those portaits I made before my accident.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


The next series of light paintings I'm planning will use a slide projector to cast a complex pattern. I have a large collection of slides, many taped together to layer images on top of each other. Some I used bleach to almost destroy the color. Some I scratched and etched away parts of the image. Still have to figure some things out, but can't manage using the projector right now, with the  foot-cast still on, as it involves a lot of moving around and maneuvering.
So while you, my impatient viewers, drum your fingers in anticipation, I'll post some older light paintings from the Guanajuato series.