Thursday, April 30, 2015

"Night is Canvas"

At the Light Painting World Alliance websites, you'll find the phrase “Night is Canvas” . Night is no ordinary word for me, I suffer from night blindness. It's a powerful, often frightening word, separating me from the able bodied, putting me in the folder labelled "Unable"- legally blind, asking for help to cross the street. Night, and its draining, light-less hardships, needn’t be only that. After all, the other part, “canvas” is what matters more in the end.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Carol's visit

Carol Hualin Gu contacted me recently. She is a journalist doing a story for a new publication bringing American cultural trends to the Chinese audience. Its called ”Now U SA “ . Carol,is from China ,but lives in New York City now. Carol is interested in light painting and how we as sight impaired or blind artists,go about making images.

One evening as twilight deepened she stopped by with her husband Tiger,  a [hotographer,and together they documented a night of work.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


These are all very recent and very small gouache sketches. Gouache is a particularly rich medium, being like watercolor, but opaque.The surface is velvety.

The two figures amid a reddish enviornment are from a series called "The Night Guard".

I've been starting to experiment with a new technique too, using ink -jet prints of my artwork as a starting point to complete with paint. If you use good watercolor paper it's possible, am very excited about using this combination of ink -jet print with painting, two such images are here.It's just the start