Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have a digital recorder that is getting a work out lately. I'm verbally describing visual things, art work mainly, to keep as a reference. i cant afford to be optimistic about a future treatment or cure, so action is needed, as I can manage action anyway.
Books are being thrown out by the bagful, but I'm recording the titles if Id like to read/listen to them again. Art books, photography books are a different matter, an important matter.  I've written my first story too, well, its structure at least but this needs editing and rearranging.
A few years ago I photographed a lot of art work, but - its clear. Since the cataract operation I now see that nearly all were out of focus - despite the camera's promise of auto focus, so a huge waste of time and that project willhave to be redone soon. Above are two kind of random works, hopefully not too blurry for you to appreciate. Acrylic on paper.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Yesterday I spent at my friend Sonia Soberats' home. kat Yi Ji  joined us. Kat is continuing to film me, and gather more material for her documentary film. It is, quite frankly, really flattering and unusual to be the subject of, not one documnetary film, but two. Colin Nusbaum also is currenlty filming me, though at different times!
Sonia herself has been the subject of media attention, and I wasnt surprised much when I entered her home to find another film crew busy interviewing her. We had a good laugh about all this.
Here are three images Sonia and I made together. Our last effort would have made four, but the camera was accidentally knocked over and the digital image lost, and I had to leave then, so I couldn't retake it.
Above- Winnie, 1 and 2, and Margarita

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Altered Visions

The Light paintings that the Seeing With Photography Collective members made at the Metropolitan Museuem of Art, are now online as a set. The light paintings were made by the public, as well as people in our SWPC group, who gathered there for a very brief introduction to the concept and ideas. Many hands were at work, all creating these portraits, which used masks as part of the sitters features. Enjoy our results HERE

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Kat Jie Yi is a film maker studying at the School of Visual Art here in New York City.
Last night she started her documantary, filming how I worked. Heres my portrait of Kat. 
In addition, here's my first in a series I want to make, a series of floating spheres, each of the rounded shapes contains an image, a world, or a symbol- all hovering, tethered or drifting in a luminous, whirl- wind of spinning clouds of light.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Upcoming Light Painting Event

There's going to be a demonstration of light painting at the Metropolitan Museuem of Art in New York, given by Mark Andres and some of the other artists of the Seeing With Photography Collective. Its an exciting way to esperience and discover both a technique and concept of creating art, so if you are in the area, please stop by and participate in the event. Hopefully Mark will ask me to be one of the other artists, so I might see you there.


Oct 26, 2012           The Metropolitan Museum of Art
6:00-8:45pm            1000 Fifth Avenue at 82nd Street
                                   New York, New York 10028
                                   Altered Visions with Seeing With Photography Collective
                                   Demonstration, workshops

Anja Ligtenberg

Last week Dutch photographer Anja Ligtenberg visited briefly with my photo group, SWPC. We met Anja some years ago when she was still living here in New York City. She told us great news, her work had been published in National Geographic. Anja now works with light painting in the Netherlands and described some images made there during a theatrical performance, using the light painting as an important part of the performance.
Have a look at Anja's images from the National Geographic .

Friday, September 14, 2012

Vicki's image

A recent light painting by Seeing With Photography Collective artist Victorine Floyd Fludd.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I heard this story once. During World War 2, in Saint Petersburg Russia, the Hermitage Museum had safely evacuated their collection of masterpieces, and the walls then were devoid of canvases . Only the frames remained, like book marks calling attention to an absence.  Some soldiers wandered in from the cold,  thinking to spend time looking at art, but they found instead empty walls, and a custodian guarding the halls. The custodian, not wanting to disappoint them, decided to describe each composition, each painting to the...viewers...who simply stared at the minimal and bare wall imagining in their minds, a painting no longer before them. Soon a following of visitors grew, and each day they'd gather to words alone, the custodian's verbal translations which detailed and evoked some resemblance to imagery. Two worlds, of two senses, each nested within another. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ancient Painting


Two assemblages of fresco fragments from Pompeii Italy recoverd under the ashes of the volcano Mount Vesuvius. Both come from a home perched near the seashore, and date from around 30 B.C.E. The upper image shows a globe, very modern looking and just a stunning example of what ancient painters were capable of, even when decorating the walls in some obscure, commercial town like Pompeii. The other, portrays a winged figure holding a garland. Possibly its a personification of "Victory". Look closely at her face,  the vivid and unique features, her delicately shaded wings. When I first saw this exquisite fresco I thought it had to be a forgery-its not- it fell off a wall during the earthquakes that accompined the terrible volcanic eruption. From the home of Fabius Rufus.  A TV commercial is visually rich too . How do they differ then? How these ancient paintings are visually rich is another matter. These two examples of painting remain apart from the illustrative and goal driven.  Meaningful art is, I think, nuanced, and has a formal and intellectual conception and is skilfully crafted. Its those qualities that we respond to in these ancient works, what freezes us in our day-to-day tracks, quieting all the noise, listining to the inner "wow".

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mexico series , by Anton Akimov

Please take a look at Anton Akimov's wonderful and subtle series taken in Mexico this summer. The images display as you scroll at the bottom of the page. Above, Mexico #20 by Anton

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not a lot of posting lately. There are chores I have to get done quickly. A major one is transcribing written notes, poems, journals, essays and stories to text files. There they can be heard by the unseeing using a screen reader, and Ill retain access to my writing after I cannot see the words, I think of it as "packing for a journey". Its a good feeling to know that some parts of my world- my creations and work- won't be lost to blinding darkness.
ideas for making art never cease though, and I keep them in my head for the time, when I'll have time.
I've recently spoken with Sonia Soberats. A documentary about Sonia has been finished. Called "Labyrinto de los Possibles"  it depcits Sonia- her work and life. Filmed in Venezuela and the US too , it awaites sound dubbing, and will be released soon. The New York Times is planning to run an online portfolio of her work and the reporter asked to use my portrait of Sonia also,  she may run this in the series. I'll let you know when it s up and running.
In late September the Light Painting World Alliance will have its first exhibition in Moscow Russia.  Sergey Churkin is a very energetic and engaged artist who is serious in developing the potential of light painting, and broadening it's influence and drawing new viewers to this luminous style.  Thanks to Sergey for Organizing this new Light Painting  group.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Upcoming Light Painting Exhibition

There will be an exhibition of Light painting held in Moscow Russia at the  Central House of Art. Sept 28- Oct 2 2012. Its presented by the Light Painting World Alliance, of which I'm delighted to be a part of. Thanks to Sergey Churkin for all his effort and getting this show together. I'll have two pieces in the Exhibit. To my friends in Moscow, an invitation to see some amazing images!
Above- Solar #2

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guanajuato 2012 5

 Above, Guanajuato 2012, #264, Maestro Camillo's Pottery Shard and #91

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guanajuato 2012 4

Above Guanajuato 2012, Ivan Almaguer #1, Enrigue Zarate #4, and #111

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Guanajuato 2012 2

Guanajuato 2012 1

Here's the first post of a series - light paintings made in Mexico just awile ago...
Above, Guanajuato 2012 Puerta-No, Guanajuato 2012 Puerta-Si, Guanajuato 2012 #28

Friday, June 29, 2012

With Anton Akimov

When the Seeing With photography Collective traveled to Moscow, to teach and attened the Opening of "Sight Unseen", I met Anton Akimov, who guided me around the crowds at the Flacon Art Center that evening, and donated his time to drive our group here and there around Moscow. Anton's work is becoming well known in Russia now. Before studying photography, he was a lawyer in the Financial business. There were ethical issues which caused Anton to reconsider things. Its hard to imagine two more contrasting fields of interest, and his embracing photography was a considered choice, a choice of values and of what was  personally meaningful. So it was great news when he wrote me to say he'd be in New York for awhile.

Here Anton's priority was to submit a portfolio to the Magnum Photo Agency and he spent much time editing and ordering his images for maximum narrative impact.

He showed me his online work-- “Cavity”. You can view this HERE.  Anton's  uncanny spaces are displayed there in many series

Some show tunnels or gritty, generic corridors. A cold, often flat atmosphere permeates some. Doing self portraits at night in some of those places is my idea of an ordeal - after which I'd collapse on my bed grateful I'd gotten through that night in one piece. Anton said he usually works alone, because few people want to be about at night in such scary places assisting him. 

With my Parents May 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back again

I returned recently from Mexico, and had computer connection problems,but soon I'll resume posting some light paintings made in the last few weeks.

Friday, March 23, 2012

A Pause

A pause to consider.
Some of the recent images here use the slide projector, its difficult for me, focusing, the camera is bumped more times than Id like to think about. Objects are put behind the plastic screen and both types of image sources are all used, lighting the 3-d objects by both laser pointer and usual flashlight.
Whats been happening is a complete breakthrough for me as an artist. Finally I've found the technique, the right lighting, the right way to combine sources of images, to create whats brewing in my imagination. That realization is propelling me forward and builds even more ideas and themes to work on.
Sonia Soberats, who was for a long time with us in our art group, has been exhibiting her light paintings in Venezuela, and I'm so happy for her success.
And SWPC has learned there is a possibility of our work being published in Foto and Video Magazine in Russia, so I'll keep you up to date about this exciting news. I've noticed quite a strong Russian interest in my blog here from the traffic, Privet to you!
I may be going to Guanajuato Mexico again this summer, to work. Plans are still developing, my friend Darius has been working on opening a small Cafe and Art center there, for exhibitions, poetry and lectures, as well as welcoming visiting artists too.  Much positive news here!
I'll leave you with my last image made last night, gotta rest...
Above- 3.21.12 #9 , and below, 3.22.12. #3 Aedicula .