Monday, December 3, 2012

Yesterday I spent at my friend Sonia Soberats' home. kat Yi Ji  joined us. Kat is continuing to film me, and gather more material for her documentary film. It is, quite frankly, really flattering and unusual to be the subject of, not one documnetary film, but two. Colin Nusbaum also is currenlty filming me, though at different times!
Sonia herself has been the subject of media attention, and I wasnt surprised much when I entered her home to find another film crew busy interviewing her. We had a good laugh about all this.
Here are three images Sonia and I made together. Our last effort would have made four, but the camera was accidentally knocked over and the digital image lost, and I had to leave then, so I couldn't retake it.
Above- Winnie, 1 and 2, and Margarita

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