Sunday, December 16, 2012

I have a digital recorder that is getting a work out lately. I'm verbally describing visual things, art work mainly, to keep as a reference. i cant afford to be optimistic about a future treatment or cure, so action is needed, as I can manage action anyway.
Books are being thrown out by the bagful, but I'm recording the titles if Id like to read/listen to them again. Art books, photography books are a different matter, an important matter.  I've written my first story too, well, its structure at least but this needs editing and rearranging.
A few years ago I photographed a lot of art work, but - its clear. Since the cataract operation I now see that nearly all were out of focus - despite the camera's promise of auto focus, so a huge waste of time and that project willhave to be redone soon. Above are two kind of random works, hopefully not too blurry for you to appreciate. Acrylic on paper.

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