Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The View From Here, Part 1

The View from Here, Part 1
The View from Here” will be posted as a series.

Some artists explore the personal or casual photo as their theme. I 'll delve in too. It's not the intriguing, ironic, or visually fascinating picture that interests me, no. Only the picture whose purpose is to remind and re-awaken, inspires this series to follow.

Casual snapsots evoke beyond their appearance. Unbound by concerns of form and freed of current trend, our snapshot albums let us time travel, the veneer of style peels away with laughter at our confidence and comfort among the hilariously outdated, Even the little paper prints now are part of another time, but their casual nature isnt, the impulse is still the same, now as then, only updated via digital media. I like to feel them though. It's one of the pleasures of time travel in the shoebox, to flip through the stacks. As great art, they fail – all- but retain their unmistakable grip,weaving back and forth with our memories and charming us with the light of a vanished world.

Being nearly blind adds to my frustration deciphering the jigsaw puzzles. Yet it compeles me also,with its dark obstacles and barriers, to gain strength, to go back again and again to take inventory.To burn in what I can't take with me on this trip. Photography impresses me, it's arms are strong.