Friday, March 23, 2012

A Pause

A pause to consider.
Some of the recent images here use the slide projector, its difficult for me, focusing, the camera is bumped more times than Id like to think about. Objects are put behind the plastic screen and both types of image sources are all used, lighting the 3-d objects by both laser pointer and usual flashlight.
Whats been happening is a complete breakthrough for me as an artist. Finally I've found the technique, the right lighting, the right way to combine sources of images, to create whats brewing in my imagination. That realization is propelling me forward and builds even more ideas and themes to work on.
Sonia Soberats, who was for a long time with us in our art group, has been exhibiting her light paintings in Venezuela, and I'm so happy for her success.
And SWPC has learned there is a possibility of our work being published in Foto and Video Magazine in Russia, so I'll keep you up to date about this exciting news. I've noticed quite a strong Russian interest in my blog here from the traffic, Privet to you!
I may be going to Guanajuato Mexico again this summer, to work. Plans are still developing, my friend Darius has been working on opening a small Cafe and Art center there, for exhibitions, poetry and lectures, as well as welcoming visiting artists too.  Much positive news here!
I'll leave you with my last image made last night, gotta rest...
Above- 3.21.12 #9 , and below, 3.22.12. #3 Aedicula .

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  1. Privet, Steve!

    The first image is absolutely fantastic! I love the light, the geometry, the multitude of layers and the way different shapes coexist in it. Use of laser pointer is also very good here: not too much yet distinct.

    Greg Shanta