Thursday, September 6, 2012

Not a lot of posting lately. There are chores I have to get done quickly. A major one is transcribing written notes, poems, journals, essays and stories to text files. There they can be heard by the unseeing using a screen reader, and Ill retain access to my writing after I cannot see the words, I think of it as "packing for a journey". Its a good feeling to know that some parts of my world- my creations and work- won't be lost to blinding darkness.
ideas for making art never cease though, and I keep them in my head for the time, when I'll have time.
I've recently spoken with Sonia Soberats. A documentary about Sonia has been finished. Called "Labyrinto de los Possibles"  it depcits Sonia- her work and life. Filmed in Venezuela and the US too , it awaites sound dubbing, and will be released soon. The New York Times is planning to run an online portfolio of her work and the reporter asked to use my portrait of Sonia also,  she may run this in the series. I'll let you know when it s up and running.
In late September the Light Painting World Alliance will have its first exhibition in Moscow Russia.  Sergey Churkin is a very energetic and engaged artist who is serious in developing the potential of light painting, and broadening it's influence and drawing new viewers to this luminous style.  Thanks to Sergey for Organizing this new Light Painting  group.

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