Thursday, March 7, 2013

Winter light painting and beginning a new series.

The Light Painting World Alliance announced a photo competition for its members. A calander will be published in 2014 featuring 12 selected light paintings, which have the theme of a particular month. I asked the artists in Seeing With Photography to maybe consider working on such a project. So heres my first try, seen here before I submit it formally. The cold winter idea willbe further developed in more images soon.
Other SWPC people helped, Don Martinez, Phil Malek, Charlie Murry and the additional lighting was by our new friend from Tokyo, Norihiro Mizukami,or "Nori". Nori is studying film making at the School of Visual Art, and hes also visually impaired. Nori's very entheuestic and lots of fun to work with, hes started filming our goings on too. Thanks to all.
Last night I began a new series of memorial images, abstract compositions  of symbolic objects and arrangemets specific to those I've loUt in my life. It was a diffiult day. Aine Pennello, a journalism student at CUNY, was filming at my place. There were interviews, and light painting and reading from my journal using the Dragon voice -to -text program. As it so happened, the current page involved some very heavy stuff, which also, coincidentally, related to the first memorial image too. My instincts were torn between reading the passage, or not. I hadnt read the pages for 23 years, and wasn't sure of how the words would unfold before commiting to read it for her video. I went through it, and was filmed doing so. Having a  video camera very close by, while retracing the most awful moment in my entire life, was unlike anything i can describe. It exhauseted me being filmed.
When i have a satisfactory version of my first concept, you'll see it here.

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