Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Whats new?

Glad to be back online after a very long absence due to technical difficulites and replaced wiring. My friend Darius, who has been very busy opening his new " Foro Cultural 81", in Guanajuato Mexico, will be exhibiting some of my work there in June of this year. Take a look at this cultural gem by going HERE .

I heard the opening was quite the event, the Duchess of wales dropping in via a ladder from a helicopter, and the Dali Lama sent flowers. Just kidding.
I've recently met again with Frank Amann, a filmmaker from Germany who has started work on a documentary film about blind and sight impaired photographers. Frank is working with Bruce Hall and Pete Eckert from California, as well as Sonia Soberats from New York. Frank visited with me and did some filming too. He even presented me with a gift of a black and white disposable camera, and I'll try it out, and maybe re- connect with non light paining once again.  Take a look-listen to Frank's Vimeo site HERE.
And, so far I've finished 36 light paintings in the Sunstone series and will start up again after re charging.  Thank you all for viewing. :)

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