Monday, January 4, 2016

Whats going on

An update, a good time to do so, the optimisim of early january fresh and promising.
First, the Seeing With Photography Collective will be  part of an exhibition in Canada soon, at the  Human Rights Museum of Winnipeg Manitoba. Details when they are known...

An acquaintance of mine, a writer, Tyler Gore, invited me to showcase my light paintings. Tylers become the editor of "Literal Latte  A  Journal of Poetry  Prose and Art"
I;m honored. Please tvisit Literal Latte with the link.

There's also a possibility of another exhibition opprotunity for me, this time in Sweden. When i know more I"ll post the info here.

Showing you today... this pinhole image from 2002.
A pinhole photo is made using a tiny pinprick as the lens. Glass-less optics.

Title is..".Pinhole- Central Park, 2002".

I don't mind the softness at all. These sorts of pinhole images remind me of early 1900's Pictoralist images. There were lots of people walking around during the long exposure of a minute or so, you might see swirls of color or vauge person- like shapes. Forget HD. My friend was  making pinholes with me- another visually impaired photographer- and when he saw the results of our day's work,  expressed both dissapointment and doubt, saying they were inferior. They just looked...familiar... like how his Macular Degeneration made his own sight very duffused.He looked up at me skeptically  after peering hard at the soft series. 'Are you serious, you really like these?" he murmered. I did.

2016 has started with a fresh breeze. Best wishes to all for a great year .

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