Monday, October 25, 2010


During the fall have been working on light paintings using my old art pieces. Am in the process of getting rid of some things, trying to make things easier as my sight worsens and worsens. I have to force myself to confront this, so by physically sorting, trashing, papers, sketchbooks, journals, doodles, letters, paperbacks, clippings, notes, video tapes,negatives, I can start to grasp the reality. My art books I just cant let go of-never. The shelves of "Art in America", I have to say goodbye to.
I'm fortunate in that I have time. Some blind people, like Victorine, lost her sight very rapidly and weren't prepared.
In this Revisit series, painted images, monotype prints and sculpture are united with real objects and settings, all blended by the flashlight into a new whole. These revisitings are a good way to make something more out of some neglected, half forgotten art work, I'll have a bon fire one day with most of this, but these light paintings, hopefully, will retain an echo. More soon.
Above,Objects 9 9 2010 #15 , Revisit #1

Another painting is used for background, this is derived from an ancient Pompeian floor mosaic showing sea creatures. There are some items borrowed from the workshop cabinets like the paper paper mask peering above wave like forms, staying afloat.
Below ...Painting on paper series titled "Eyes Closed Meteor Storm". Showing figures beneath a night sky lit by a shower of shooting stars. I have never seen any star or meteor. These figures can't see the starry display, but they have their eyes tightly closed and are imagining the spectacle. This paper image is light up among a larger oil painting of a dim sphere of foliage, on a Pompeian red color ground.

Above; Revisit 9.16.10, #1 and #2, and below,

Revisit, 9 12 2010 #1


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