Sunday, September 19, 2010

First light with a new camera

The first evening I got my new Nikon. Was very impatient to work, but had to wait until darkness, or at least twilight, because I cant block out the light in my studio apartment. Darkness is needed to use this technique. One of my first attempts using auto focus. The twilight blue hues seeped in, filling in the image when the flashlight didn't quite light up. I clench my cheap reading glasses in my teeth, they wouldn't stay put. In the twilight I had to grope around, bumping the chair the camera was perched on, and having to reposition it very often.

From a series depicting light bulbs, I hold one up. With my other hand I used the flashlight, tried to keep still, and lit myself up, guessing at the timing. When I enlarged this I could see part of my arm turned transparent, and the brown wood grain runs along the arm. My face remained dark, its fine, I usually see faces that way. anyway.

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