Sunday, September 26, 2010

Work from this summer - continued.

The last part of the Diptych, the opposite of Birth. I used blues because this is colder and reflects this stage of existing. It is, in truth, more celestial than I planned. I've come to like it though. Have you seen pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope? Sometimes starry nebula- clouds of star formation- sprinkles of cold jeweled lights - can be seen above, and around some areas here. The reds - I wanted to show some mechanical, medical instrumentation, yet I now look at it and see red stars. Many stars, in fact, the majority of stars, are redder than our sun. I used Luis Angel Ortiz once more. Here he might be happy, as some suggested.

Another from the Portal-Mirror Lens series. This time some fabric was moved around the opaque projector, covering it a lot, but the glass lens peers out some still. Hashim is such a wonderful person to work with, very funny and enthusiastic about everything "light painting"

George Ashiotis.
George stopped by and was nice enough to pose for me.
George Ashiotis was co-artistic director of Theater by the Blind, a troupe of visually impaired (and sighted) actors who have been performing in New York City.
The back of a detached oil painting on linen was glued up and used to form a rectangle to frame George's face - it wasn't successful. One corner refused to stay put, so I gave up and left it as it was, flopped down. I like this because to me, it seems as though George's face is what is painted on the warm, textured linen. My intention was to make a black and white portrait, but I did like the very subdued hues of the color version. I even reduced the color saturation a little too.

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