Thursday, September 30, 2010

Twilight had a Name. Two from a Series - June 2010
 Night's approach holds a strong meaning for those of us with Retinitis Pigmentosa. The cool hued slam reminding us, soon the struggles will intensify. The soft light forecasting an ending of useful sight. Night blindness. The time when we slow down, prepare ourselves for the daily bruising entry into sensory deprivation.Years ago, twilight was when I sighed with the inevitability of it, and unfolded my white cane. Now, it's gripped even in the brightest luminosity. As time goes on night blindness turned to shadow blindness, and finally, day blindness.
Twilight in our popular culture - lingo, is marketed - packaged to elicit a sense of excitement, romance, allure. The ironies. Yet, the softness is captivating.
In the Seeing With Photography Collective, we use total darkness to make our light paintings. Impatience to shoot led me to work using the twilight's soft blue as a sort of fill in light, working together with the usual flashlight.
I don't yet have a tripod, so am using a chair and can't raise the camera up much, meaning Im crawling around low and scrouching down posing.

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