Sunday, September 19, 2010

More work from the Portal-Mirror-Lens Series. Benjamin Paige was posing for me and I explained this heavy old fashioned opaque projector to him. It sits around mainly getting dusty, but sometimes its dragged out as a prop, or to project some image on the wall. I happened to see him feeling the machine this way and asked him to hold that pose for my light painting. Ben is totally blind and is quite determined to shoot. Before he joins us, he has spent the morning at kidney dialysis, and he is usually tired and shaky, but that doesnt stop him.

Alex. The projector's glassy lens is clearer here, the flashlight's streaks go round and round it, shining and it seems it is itself another eye. I unified Alex and the antique opaque projector by using a similar color, atmospheric blue. I dont like to use blue in my photos. This goes back to my painting. I learned about the four color palette devised by the ancient Greek painters of antiquity. Red, yellow, white, and a sort of bluish -black color. Im not going into it here - dont worry. Simply put, more restricted color implies greater depth of form. Blue is tricky.
We have many colored filters at our workshop. One other note, sometimes I use my hands in the image, light them as they move. You might see this here - some warm color at the left.

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